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July 2021

July 1, 2021

Smart feature suggestions


✨ Scale or Enterprise plans: Once you've linked a significant number of notes to features, Productboard will offer smart feature suggestions powered by machine learning. We'll highlight the most relevant features so you can save time and process notes more efficiently.

In order to see smart feature suggestions:

  • The note must be written in English
  • The note must contain at least 5 words (excluding stopwords like "and", "or", "they" etc)
  • Suggestions can only include features which are linked to at least one note.

June 2021

June 24, 2021

Visualize & resolve dependencies


Available on Scale and Enterprise plans.

It's easier than ever to keep your project on track with dependencies:

June 23, 2021 integration


Available on Pro, Scale and Enterprise plans.

Once you've defined your product strategy in Productboard, use our new integration to implement your plans:

  • Automatically push a Productboard feature into a Clubhouse Epic
  • Seamlessly sync development status between both tools

Learn more about configuring the integration here.


June 16, 2021

Salesforce Opportunities integration


Available on Scale and Enterprise plans.

After careful beta testing, our Salesforce opportunity integration is live

  • Turn critical go-to-market information into product feedback via insights 💡
  • Set up collections or filters to find your Salesforce feedback in your Inbox or your Features board 🔎
  • Identify which feature ideas are tied to potential revenue 💰

Turn on the integration here (admins only) or learn more in our Help Center article.


June 10, 2021

Product Permissions


Available on Enterprise plans.

Product Permissions 🔐 allow your team to collaborate without losing control over your most sensitive data by granting full, read-only or restricted access to each of your products.


May 2021

May 20, 2021

Thematic roadmaps


Available on Scale and Enterprise plans.

Thematic roadmaps are here! 🌈 Organize your roadmap thematically by grouping together similar objectives. Use themes to communicate which objectives 

  • support the same goals
  • relate to the same product
  • are built by the same team
  • share similar levels of importance

or some other organizing principle. Then, use custom colors to visualize your themes right on your roadmap! Read the new Help Center article: How to color code your objectives by theme


Insights from Images


Available on Pro, Scale and Enterprise plans.

One of our most popular requests is here! Starting today, you can create insights from images! 🏞 Screenshots, gifs, any other useful images can now be connected to feature ideas.

  • To add an inline image to a note, simply copy-paste the image into your note, or copy-paste an image URL into your note. 
  • Highlight an image to generate an insight. View the image in a feature idea's Insights detail.
  • Click on the image to expand it to full-size.

April 2021

April 22, 2021


  • Dependencies are here! 🥳 Mitigate risks and keep your delivery process running smoothly by spotting dependencies early.
    • Identify whether a feature is blocking - or is blocked by - another feature in your hierarchy. 
    • Display dependencies on your roadmaps.
    • View dependencies on your Features board.
  • [BETA] Import Salesforce opportunity data to your notes.
    • Turn critical go-to-market information into product feedback via insights
    • Set up collections or filters to find your Salesforce feedback in your Inbox or your Features board
    • Are you a Scale or Enterprise customer using Salesforce opportunities and Productboard insights? Sign up for our beta here.

March 2021

March 31, 2021

User Impact Scores and Tags on Roadmaps

It's easier than ever to convey relevant information to your stakeholders by adding user impact scores and tags to your roadmaps:


Here are a few suggested ways to use this feature:

  • Display user impact scores to explain how important or timely a feature is for your customers
  • Use tags to display which pricing plans receive a feature (i.e. Basic, Enterprise)
  • Use tags to display which platform a feature will launch on (i.e. iOS, Android)
  • Use tags to display what type of feature you're building (i.e. improvement, bug fix)

Add user impact scores and/or tags to any roadmap via the Settings menu in the top right corner - don't forget to save your changes before you share your roadmap!

March 4, 2021

Features in time under objectives or releases


We've made it easier than ever for product teams to communicate their plans!

  • Release timeline roadmaps (All plans) and Objective timeline rodmaps (Scale and Enterprise plans) will now display features in time! See at a glance exactly when your teams are working on specific features, and manage those feature timeframes right from your roadmap.
  • If any of your features are scheduled outside the timeframe of its objective or release, the roadmap will display an overlap. Double click the overlap to automatically adjust the timeframe of your objective or release.
  • If any of your associated features don't have a timeframe of their own, you can assign the objective or releases's timeframe in a single click. 
  • Need to unassign a timeframe from a feature on your roadmap? Click • on a feature, then click Clear timeframe.
  • Features with assigned timeframes can nestle next to one another on the same line of your roadmap. So compact!

Custom fields swimlanes:


February 2021

February 22, 2021

Salesforce integration 

  • Our Salesforce integration has graduated! 🎓 After a few months of careful testing, validation and refinement, the integration moved from Early Access to General Availability. Scale and Enterprise users can import company data from their CRM straight into Productboard, then use that data to build dynamic segments.

February 19, 2021

Slack integration update

  • Slack integration updated to conform with Slack API updates. Users can now push messages from private channels or private group chats, and control the channels to which Productboard has access.

February 2, 2021

Editor version history

February 2, 2021

Jira integration enhancements

One of our most essential integrations just received a big upgrade. Check it out:

New features and functions ✨

  • You can now unlink and relink features and subfeatures from Jira issues.
  • Something going funky during configuration? Our new troubleshooting page will help you identify and resolve configuration errors ASAP. We've also expanded our Troubleshooting Jira Help Center article.
  • Using underline, quote, or Jira color markdown elements in your Productboard feature description will be supported in your Jira issue description field.
  • You can now re-authorize a Jira integration with a new Jira administrator.
  • Don't want to use 2-way sync? Even with the checkbox unchecked in your integration settings, we will still sync your Jira status to Productboard.
  • Using Jira next-gen projects? Productboard releases now sync with Jira next-gen fix versions.

Happy little improvements 🛠

  • Productboard will prevent you from creating multiple releases with the same name (which would cause an error during Jira synchronization).
  • Previously, a user pushing a feature or subfeature into Jira would encounter an error if they were not the owner of that feature or subfeature in Productboard. Now, users can push that feature or subfeature into Jira, and the owner of the Productboard feature will be listed as the Reporter in the Jira issue.
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