How to import Salesforce opportunities to Productboard as notes

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This article explains how to import opportunity data from Salesforce into Productboard. We'll automatically bring recently closed opportunities into Productboard, where they will appear as notes on your Insights board.

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How to import opportunities into Productboard


  1. Click the avatar in the bottom left corner to access your main menu. Click Integrations.
  2. Scroll to the CRMs section.
  3. Click on the Salesforce integration you've configured. (See Set up your Salesforce integration)
  4. Under Opportunities, filter the opportunities that are most relevant to you.
    Note: When using a multipicklist field type to filter your opportunities, you are only able to use "is" "is not" or "has any value" operators.
  5. Under Opportunities, select the opportunity fields which you want to display in Productboard in the note detail.
  6. Under Opportunities, select which value field you want to use in prioritization. By default, the integration will calculate the opportunity value by aggregating the Amount field. If you wish to calculate opportunity value using a different field, you can do so (see FAQ below).
  7. Toggle on Import New Closed Salesforce Opportunities to begin importing opportunities into notes as they close.


  1. Select a close date to import historical opportunities from your Salesforce instance.
  2. Click Start import.


  1. Your recently closed opportunities will appear automatically in your Insights board. 
  2. Highlight feedback from Salesforce opportunity fields to create Insights.


Need more context? Click the icon next to the note title to dive straight into the Salesforce opportunity.


How to factor Salesforce opportunities into your prioritization process


Linking the notes from your Salesforce opportunities to feature ideas (creating insights) generates user impact scores and opportunity value so you can understand the revenue impact of your ideas. You will find both fields in the Misc fields section of your Features board.



With the Opportunity value column toggled on, you will be able to answer questions like:

  • What is the $$$ opportunity value behind individual feature ideas?
  • How much revenue have we lost due to a specific product gap?
  • What are the feature candidates which are contributing the most to lost opportunities?

The Opportunity value is calculated as the sum of values from linked opportunities for the value field you selected during setup. (See FAQ section below to select another field.)


How to locate your opportunities within the Insights board


  1. Click on the Filter menu.
  2. Under Source, select Salesforce.
  3. Scale and Enterprise plans: In the top right corner, click Create Collection. For more information about Collections, see here.

Current limitations

  • Users can only import closed opportunities at this time. We hope to allow importation of open opportunities in the future!
  • Reference fields (except Account name and Opportunity owner), location and encrypted fields are not supported.

Frequently asked questions

I don't see newly closed opportunities in Productboard.

Make sure the Salesforce user who authorized the integration has the following permissions:


  • Push topics - Create, Read, Update, Delete (found under Salesforce Setup > Users > Profiles)


Make sure your Salesforce instance has the following enabled:

  • Streaming API (found under Salesforce Setup > User Interface > User interface)

This permission is enabled by default, but an admin might have changed it.

Can I change which field is used to calculate Opportunity value?

Yes. In your integration settings, the integration will calculate Opportunity value based on the Amount field by default, but you can use another field instead. However, this value will only be calculated based on insights created after this change is made.

For example, if you had linked three opportunity notes to feature ideas, and then changed the Opportunity value field from Amount to Number of licenses, there would be no opportunity value calculated from the three insights already linked. You would need to re-link those insights to "backfill" the opportunity value.


I changed which field I use to calculate Opportunity value, and now that column is empty!

See the Q&A above. The Opportunity value will only be calculated based on insights created after the change in your field settings.


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