Follow entities of interest

Makers and contributors can assign members and teams as followers to entities in Productboard. Each entity can have multiple followers.



Entities that have followers (Most entities in Productboard do):

Notes Competitors
Features Releases
Subfeatures Tasks
Products User impact score
Components Effort
Objectives Owner
Segments Hierarchy field
Users Portal field
Companies Custom fields
Drivers Prioritization scores


Depending on the entity followed, you can leverage the below functionality:

  • Any followable entity - get notified whenever there's a new comment on it
  • You can filter Notes, Products, Components, Features, and Sub-features by a follower - Filter the Insights board by Followed by and filter the Features and Roadmap board by Followers
  • Notes:
    • All followed notes will appear in the default Note filter ‘Followed notes’.
    • When contributors create new notes — within Productboard or via integration, the Productboard extension for Chrome, or by forwarding an email — they become a follower by default.
    • When an insight is created from a note that you follow, you will receive an email notification containing information about the note (note title, user, company), which feature the insight was linked to, the content of the linked insight, and by whom it was linked.
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