How do tags work in Productboard?

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There are two types of tags in Productboard, note tags, and feature tags. Both offer easy, flexible ways to categorize, sort, and filter what you see. Each type of note works separately (e.g., tags on a note will not carry over to the feature and vice versa).

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How to use tags on the Insights board

On the Insights board, note tags serve as a flexible way of categorizing notes, allowing you to filter for them later.

How to filter notes by tag

When filtering by Tags, you can search tags in the search bar or select the tags you see in the list.

To filter by tags:

  1. Click the Filter (filters.svg) button.
  2. Click on Tags(Tag.svg) in the drop-down menu and select the tags you would like to filter by.

You can choose the following options:

  • All of the selected - you'd see the notes that have all the chosen tags.
  • Any of the selected (default) - you'd see notes that have one or more of the tags selected. 
  • None of the selected - you'd only see insights that don't have any of the tags you selected. 
Any of the selected All of the selected None of the selected
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How to apply tags in bulk to multiple notes

You can multi-select multiple notes to apply one or more tags to all of them.

How to use tags on the Features board

On the Features board, tags can be applied to features, subfeatures, and components using the Tags column.


They can also be applied by selecting an entity to open its details in the side pane.

How to filter features by tag

You can filter features by tags from the filter dropdown.

To filter by tags:

  1. Click the Filter (filters.svg) button.
  2. Click on Tags(Tag.svg) in the drop-down menu and select the tags you would like to filter by.


You can also apply a tag filter directly on the Tags column, which has the same effect.


You can click on a specific tag in the Tag column to filter your view by that tag.

How tags work with integrations

Tags on Intercom and Zendesk conversations are automatically imported to the Insights board when new conversations/tickets arrive in Productboard.

When you push features from Productboard to Jira, Trello, or Pivotal Tracker, your feature tags in Productboard will not carry over to those other tools.

When pushing features to GitHub, you have the option of syncing Productboard tags to GitHub labels.

How to manage tags

You can delete, rename, and merge feature tags and note tags.

Access tag management:

      • On the left-hand menu under Data, select Tags above the tag cloud.
      • On the Features board: Click the AddColumnButton.svg Add columns button, select Default fields(Dots-1.svg), then Tags.

Here you'll see the list of all note and feature tags. To rename a tag, select its name to edit it.


Productboard's tags are case insensitive. If you apply a tag to some note/feature that is identical to an existing tag (apart from capitalization), Productboard will adhere to the capitalization of the existing tag.


If I tag a note and link this to a feature, will the feature automatically have the note tag applied?


If I filter a feature board by a tag used only in notes, will I get a list of features that are associated with notes that have this tag?

 No, no results will be returned.

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