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Feature status is the primary way to monitor the progress of features from new idea through launch in Productboard. It offers a high-level overview of what phase each feature is in.

But it's often helpful to go one level deeper, tracking the status of individual tasks that must be done before a feature can be planned, worked on, or launched.

Tracking tasks

Relevant to Legacy boards only

Task fields are useful for tracking common tasks that apply to many (but not necessarily all) of your features — e.g. Product brief, Final designs, Release notes, and Marketing collateral. Since each of these tasks are often owned by different teammates, they're often worked on in parallel.


Note that the status of a task (e.g. Product brief = In progress) is independent of the feature's overarching status (e.g. Product discovery). So there's not yet a way to automatically update feature status based on the status of any of its task fields.

Customizing task status values

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You can customize the status values that can be assigned to each task and the colors associated with them.


  • For a Specification task column: Req gathering, In progress, Presented, Complete
  • For a Prototype task column: Not started, Research, Design, Critique, Complete
  • For a Documentation task column: Sync w/ PM, In progress, Review, Complete


Integration status

Special task fields are created when you set up an integration with a delivery planning tool like Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, or GitHub issues. They allow you to push a feature into the integrated solution and track its status right from within Productboard.

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