Import features from a spreadsheet

Before Productboard did you log features in a spreadsheet or a tool that exports to XLSX/CSV?

Import features from spreadsheets to your Features board using the Paste List of Features tool.



In order to see the Paste List of Features option, you must view your features board by Hierarchy, Release, or Status.


Grab your data

Copy up to two columns of data out of your spreadsheet: 

  • Feature name (required)
  • Feature description (optional)

Paste the data into the field provided.


Verify your data

Use the dropdowns to verify Productboard has correctly identified the feature name and description fields.

Then decide where in your hierarchy the new features should be added.


Fine-tune imported features

Once features are imported you can always refine their position in the hierarchy:

  • One at a time by drag and drop
  • Many at a time by selecting several features and using the hierarchy field


You can also use multi-select for updating other values for many features at once, such as status and release.

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