Feedback forms help you collect feedback in a standardized way

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Feedback forms are flexible tools that empower customer-facing teams to submit feature requests directly to product teams on behalf of their customers or prospects. Admins can build and define forms with various input types (e.g., text, number, importance, customer) and set them as required.

This streamlined process will ensure that valuable insights and customer needs are efficiently communicated and appropriately considered in the product development process.

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How do feedback forms work?

Feedback forms live within your workspace. Your colleagues can access your forms from within Productboard. 

You can have multiple forms within your workspace. This is particularly helpful if you have multiple products, if you want to collect feedback differently from prospects and customers, or if you want to localize forms to a specific market or language.

Forms are designed to help you:

  1. Collect feature requests submitted by internal teams (sales, customer success, support, leadership...) on behalf of customers.

  2. Collect feedback on existing features from internal teams.

  3. Collect new ideas from your internal teams.

Note: You can't share forms with external audiences yet. For now, only members of your workspace can open and fill out forms.

Creating a feedback form

You must be an admin to create a form.

  1. At the top of the main menu, click on your workspace dropdown, then Settings, then Forms. 
  2. Click + New form.

  3. Click Add input at the bottom of your form to add questions and define their settings (input label, placeholder text, indicate required). You can click and drag questions to rearrange their order.

  4. Use the Preview button in the top right corner to see how your form will look once it's live.
  5. Once finished, click Create form.

Available form fields

There are several field types you can use to build your forms. You can define each field's label, placeholder text, and whether it's required or not. The available field types are:

  • Note title: Defines the title of the note created by this form. Use this to describe the main topic or feedback.
  • Short text: For short-form answers. 
  • Long text: For longer, open-ended answers. 
  • Number: Only accepts numerical values. Good for collecting opportunity values, satisfaction rates, license numbers... 
  • Customer: Internal users can select the customer on whose behalf they're submitting feedback. External customers filling out a form don't need to identify themselves— they're automatically selected as the Customer.
  • Link to feature: User can select any unrestricted product, component, feature, or subfeature in your workspace's product hierarchy. They cannot create new entities. 
  • Importance: Indicate that the note is Critical, Important, or Nice to have. If the note is linked to a feature, this will impact that feature's Customer Importance Score.

Notes from forms in Productboard

When a form is submitted, it creates a note which you can access on any insights board. The note is structured the same way as the form, making it easy to navigate through its contents. You can filter them using the Form filter on the insights board.

Note: Notes generated by a form with the 'Link to feature' field are not automatically marked as Processed.

How to share a form with your colleagues

Once you create a form, you can click the Link button under Actions from the forms management page to copy a form's URL, which you can then send to your colleagues or paste in an accessible location.

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People who access the link will be required to log into Productboard before they can fill in the form. Only workspace members with maker or contributor roles can open and submit the form. We recommend bookmarking the URL so you can easily access the form to submit feedback.

When a member submits a form, they are automatically added as a follower of the note. Once the note is linked to a feature, all followers of that note get notified by email. This ensures that your customer-facing teams can effectively close the loop with customers.

Feedback form APIs

Once a form has been created, you can use public APIs to submit feature requests or feedback. Here is the relevant API documentation:


Can I share the feedback form directly with my customer to submit their feature requests?

    • No, it is currently not possible to share forms externally. We will add this option soon.

Can I use forms in the portal to collect new ideas?

    • No, it's currently not possible to share forms externally, including portal. We will add this option soon.

What can I do if I don't want to let contributors link notes to feature ideas directly?

    • The 'Link to feature' input field is optional and you don't have to add it to your form.

Can I aggregate the number input collected in forms?

    • Not yet. We know this is important for informed prioritization and it's on our radar.

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