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With Productboard, you can collaborate with colleagues through every phase of product ideation, prioritization, planning, and delivery.

Notifications help by alerting all relevant parties that a conversation of interest to them is taking place somewhere in Productboard.

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Understanding when you receive notifications

In Productboard, you receive two types of notifications: email and in-app.

You can access in-app notifications by clicking the Notifications icon(Notification.svg) in your workspace. There you can see notifications for entities you're owning (Direct) or following (Following):


You'll receive email notifications automatically to your email. The email notification contains all the important information about what changes have been triggered to specific features you're following or owning:


You'll receive email and in-app notifications in the following situations:

  • A colleague comments on an entity that you own or follow
  • You are assigned ownership of a note or feature
  • A colleague @mentions you in a comment on any entity

You can also now receive email notifications when entities you own or follow change status, timeframe, or release. This capability can be enabled/disabled in Labs — by individuals for themselves, or by administrators for the entire workspace.

Note: It's not currently possible to deactivate both email and in-app notifications.

Owning an entity

The owner of an entity is the maker who is primarily responsible for it. 

Roles: Only makers can own entities or assign ownership.

Entities that have an owner:

Notes Products
Features Components
Subfeatures Objectives
  • An owner is notified whenever there are new comments on the entity.
  • It is also possible to filter boards by note or/and feature owner.
  • There can only be one owner of any given entity.
  • By default, entities are owned by the maker who created them. In the case where a contributor creates a note, such notes remain unassigned (without an owner) until a maker assigns themselves owner, or assigns another maker owner.

Understanding the difference between owning and following an entity

Following an entity

Makers and contributors can follow an entity to be notified whenever there's a new comment on it.

Roles: Only makers and contributors can follow entities.


Entities that have followers (Most entities in Productboard do):

Notes Competitors
Features Releases
Subfeatures Tasks
Products User impact score
Components Effort
Objectives Owner
Segments Hierarchy field
Users Portal field
Companies Custom fields
Drivers Prioritization scores


  • Followers are notified whenever there are new comments on an entity.
  • It is also possible to filter the Features board and Roadmap by followers. Filtering by follower will soon be supported on the Insights board as well.
  • Each entity can have multiple followers.
  • When contributors create new notes — within Productboard or via integration, the Productboard extension for Chrome, or by forwarding an email — they become a followers by default.

Daily summary emails

Makers can enable comprehensive email summaries of all that's changed in the workspace each day.

You can find this setting on your Account Info page:


The following events are included in daily summary emails:

  • Features
created, updated, deleted, changed status, or received a new comment
  • Notes
  • Releases
  • Objectives
  • Segments
  • Users
  • Companies
  • Competitors
created, updated, deleted, or received a new comment


At this time, owners and followers only receive notifications for the events listed above — primarily to be alerted of new comments that may be relevant to them.

Notifications are not yet sent for the following events:

  • Note: Insight created
  • Feature description edited
  • Note: Tag added
  • Feature prioritization criteria/data updated
  • Note: Said by updated
  • Feature: New insight linked 
  • Note description edited

Viewers will only receive notifications when @mentioned in a comment on a feature. They will not receive notifications when @mentioned on a note — they are not able to access the Insights board.

We want your feedback!

If you have a notification use case you'd like to share, submit your idea on our team's Portal.

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