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You'll be working with many boards across your workspace, so knowing how to save and manage your boards will help you build efficient workflows for yourself and your colleagues. 

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

Saving boards

Saving a board captures the board's current configuration for later reference or sharing with others.

If you're just starting out, you'll notice that any change you make to your board gives you a new option to update the existing board (Save), save the current configuration as a new board (Save as new), or revert to the last saved version of the board (Discard).

Note: The Document board type autosaves changes you make and therefore lacks a Save button.  


You can capture all the following board configurations in a saved board:

  • Sorting and filtering options
  • Grouping options like swimlanes and item types
  • Data display elements like columns and roadmap card attributes

Changes made to the items in the board (e.g. features or initiatives) will not impact saved boards. Those changes are reflected automatically on all boards where that item appears.

If you make changes to a board and leave without saving, your settings will remain unchanged when you return. Unsaved changes, however, will not be visible to any other members who can access the board.

Note: You can limit makers from updating boards and saving changes by locking boards.

Renaming, deleting, or duplicating a board

Additional configuration options are available by clicking ••• More actions next to boards name in your teamspace and personal folder list or by clicking ••• More actions  in the top right of your board. You can rename, delete, or duplicate a board from here. 


Moving a saved board

Once you've saved a board, you can move it between folders and teamspaces.

To move a saved board: 

  1. Click ••• More actions next to the board's name.
  2. Click MoveMove to from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select the location you would like to move the board to. 

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