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Important: This integration is not supported by Productboard. For support with this integration please reach out to the Gong Support team or check out Gong's support article for more information.

With the Productboard and Gong integration, you can send feature requests to your product team directly from a call - quickly, and with the context of what the customer wants - in their own voice. This can help you win more deals and anticipate the needs of future customers by capturing product insights in and sending them to Productboard. Sales colleagues can push product insights from Gong into Productboard by highlighting snippets in auto-transcribed call notes. When pushing product ideas, requests, and feedback into Productboard, colleagues can provide additional context to help the product team understand the underlying user need.

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How to set up the integration

To set up this integration you need to be a maker admin in Productboard and an admin in Gong. 

To set up the integration in your Productboard workspace: 


  1. Click your workspace name in the top left of your account and then click Integration.svg Integrations.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Gong integration.
  3. Click the Create token button and, then click the Copy button to copy the newly generated API token.
  4. Log into Gong.
  5. In Gong, go to Settings > Productboard.
  6. Enter the token, and test that the connection works.
  7. Click UPDATE

How to send feature requests to Productboard


  1. On the call page, click TRANSCRIPT.
  2. Highlight the text snippet that you want to use as a feature request.
  3. In the pop-up menu that appears, click + MoreAdd a feature request.
  4. Add your take on the feature request, and click SEND. A note gets created in Productboard, letting the product team build the features your customers really want.


It is not possible to filter notes using  Integration.svg Source > Gong integration. To find notes created from the Gong integration, use Integration.svg Source > Public API.


Note: Filtering notes by Public API will show all notes created via Public API including the Gong integration.
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