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FigJam is Figma’s whiteboard collaboration tool. Product teams use FigJam, to whiteboard, collect feedback, organize research, and much more. Now it’s easier than ever to ensure the output from your collaborative sessions is actioned on and incorporated into Product’s plans.

Productboard has built a FigJam integration (known in FigJam as a “widget”). This allows individuals or teams working in FigJam to instantly create Productboard Notes from FigJam stickies, to ensure new ideas get actioned and maintain a single source of truth for all Product ideas & decisions in Productboard.

This article explains using Productboard’s FigJam integration to create new notes within FigJam.

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Setting up the Productboard integration in FigJam

To set up the Productboard widget in FigJam: 

  1. Open a FigJam file
  2. Ensure you have edit access for the FigJam file (required to add a widget)
  3. Click this toolbar  (figjam_icon.png) icon to open the FigJam toolbox.
  4. In the Widgets tab, type “Productboard” into the search bar to find the widget.
  5. Click on the widget thumbnail to add it directly to the FigJam board

See this article for complete details on how to add, remove, and update FigJam widgets.

Logging into Productboard from FigJam

  1. Once the Productboard widget is on the FigJam board, click on the widget to initiate the OAuth flow.
  2. Follow the OAuth flow instructions.
  3. You will be redirected back to FigJam when the OAuth flow is completed.

Creating Productboard Notes from FigJam

Product teams create sticky notes in FigJam during whiteboard sessions, customer research, and much more.

To push these stickies into Productboard as Notes, follow the steps below:

In FigJam:

  1. Make sure the Productboard widget is on the FigJam board, and you’ve completed the OAuth login flow.

  2. Select the stickies (single or multiple) that you want to push into Productboard as Notes.
    Add bolded titles on each sticky, as that will be the note title in Productboard.
  3. Click on the Productboard widget.
  4. Optional: Add the user name you’d like associated with these note(s) in Productboard.
  5. Optional: Add any tags you’d like associated with the note(s) in Productboard.
  6. Select the Create Notes button on the widget.
  7. Voila! The Productboard note(s) have been created!


You can click a Note and select Open in Productboard to be redirected to the associated Note in Productboard or remain in FigJam, confident that no good idea or feedback will be missed.

In Productboard:

  1. Each FigJam sticky will appear as an individual Note on the Insights board.
  2. The Note source will say Figma.
  3. Each Productboard note will include the user & tags added in FigJam.

Best Practices

  • Add a brief, bolded title to the top of any FigJam stickies you want to push into Productboard - this will become the title of the Productboard Note.


  • You will need edit access to the FigJam file to add the widget.
  • This integration only works with FigJam. It is not compatible with Figma.
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