Configuring Jira integration settings

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Once you have set up your integration, it’s time to configure the integration’s settings to make it serve your workflow.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

Integration health

The Integration health section indicates if your integration rocks or if there is room for improvement.

There are several states that the section can show:

  1. Your Jira integration rocks!
    No action is required! Your integration is well connected, nothing to improve.
  2. Warning: Parts of your Jira configuration might be wrong.
    Click on Show details and explore the ways to improve your integration connection
  3. Something went wrong while running checks. X checks out of 5 failed.
    This means that the connection is down. Please click on Show details to see what checks exactly have failed. You will also find a link to the articles that can help you to solve these errors.

    For more information, see Troubleshooting Jira.

Workspace connection

The section contains information about the status of your Jira workspace connection (e.g. and active authorizations. You can also navigate to the Workspace Management page from here - just click on the Manage Workspace button.


For more information on how to re-authorize or remove the authorization of your integration, see the article Managing Jira integrations.

Project and issue types

Thinking about connecting multiple Jira projects to Productboard? See the article Integrating with multiple Jira projects

If you know that you'll constantly be pushing features to the same Jira project, select it here and skip seeing a dialog screen every time you do.

For more information, see Mapping fields between Jira and Productboard.

Associated products ( productboard Vessel (close crop).png Enterprise plan only)

Associated products enable you to associate the integration with the Productboard products that are relevant to your particular Jira project(s).

If you know that you won't be pushing features to your Jira project from one of your Productboard products, you can unselect that product here.

Automatic Import

If you enable this setting, you will create a trigger to automatically import a feature in Productboard each time the item is created in Jira.

Auto-import can only create features in one area of your product hierarchy. If you wish to auto-import features into multiple parts of your product hierarchy, you can create multiple Jira integrations. (e.g. one Jira integration auto-imports into "Brickly Desktop", another Jira integration auto-imports into "Brickly Mobile", etc.)

Release syncing

Leaving the setting box checked will sync your Productboard release group with your Jira fix versions.

Each Jira integration can only sync fix versions to one release group in Productboard. If your team works with multiple release groups, we recommend creating multiple Jira integrations (see the article, Integrating with multiple Jira projects).


For more information see, Pushing a release into Jira

Field Mapping and syncing

In this section, you can map the fields that correspond to your workflow and select the synchronization type to define the sync behavior between Productboard and Jira.

For more information on field mapping, see Mapping fields between Jira and Productboard.

Status update syncing

In this section, we invite you to configure the status update sync for your workflow and reduce the manual updates once and for all.


For more information, see Automatically update a Productboard feature status based on a Jira issue status.

Status Colors

Tell Productboard which color to use for each of your Jira statuses.


One-time import

Have a backlog of working items in Jira and would like to import them to Productboard in bulk? This section is exactly for this!


For more information on finding out more about ways to bring your backlog to Productboard, see Importing Jira issues into Productboard.

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