Automatically update a Productboard feature status based on a Jira issue status


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The Jira status automation sync allows you to easily track from Productboard what is happening across your delivery teams, making it easier for you to keep your stakeholders aligned.

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How to set up the status sync

A Maker+admin of your Productboard workspace can set this up by following the steps below:

  • Click your workspace name in the top left of your account and then click Integrations (Integration.svg).
  • Scroll down to your Jira Integration and select the Jira Integration you want to set up the Status Sync for.
  • Scroll down to the section Sync Status Updates. and click on the + Add Rule button.
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  • On the left dropdown, select all the Jira statuses that, if changed in Jira, will trigger a status change in Productboard. Only the statuses in the selected project will be shown. If you select "Let me pick with every project" all statuses from the whole Jira Workspace will be shown.
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  • On the right dropdown, select the Productboard status that will change in Productboard if the associated Jira issue is changed to any of the selected statuses on the left side. If you have not set up your Productboard statuses yet, see our article Customize status values for features.
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  • Repeat the previous steps as many times as you need to automate the status sync.
    Note: You don't have to do this for all the statuses, only the ones you care about.
  • Click Save status rules. From now on, if anybody changes a connected Jira issue status to the one you predefined, the status of the connected Productboard feature will be changed based on the rules you’ve set.
    Note: Status automation sync does not apply retroactively and will only apply when a status change takes place after you have enabled this feature in your Productboard workspace. 
    Limitation: If you are pushing a Productboard feature to a pre-existing Jira issue, the Productboard status will not update, until the Jira status has a change applied to it.
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Error Handling

When automating the propagation of a Jira Development status to a Productboard feature status, from time to time you might receive some errors. The steps below describe how to resolve these errors.

Status no longer exists in Jira or is not available for the selected project only

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If the status is deleted on the Jira side but is mapped for this integration on Productboard, and/or the status is not available for the selected project, it’s going to be highlighted and won’t be updated in Productboard.

To resolve the error:

  1. Remove the highlighted status from the rule via clicking the X button in the status box.
  2. Remap the status that corresponds to your current flow.
  3. Save status rules.

Status no longer exists in Productboard

If the Productboard status is removed, the dropdown is going to be highlighted and the rule won’t be working until the status is remapped.

PB Status removed 1 error (1).png

PB status removed 2 error (1).png

To resolve the error: 

  1. Click on the dropdown and select the status that corresponds to the Jira statuses mapped.
  2. Save status rules.

Loading of states failure. All or partial fail

Load status failure error (1).png

It may happen that statuses may fail to load, fully or partially. In this case, You can try to load them again.

To resolve the error: 

  • Click the Try Again button to load the statuses.

Rule not configured entirely

Rule not configured entirely (1).png

It won’t be possible to save the rule if any of the statuses is not selected. Both dropdowns will be highlighted, and the Save status rule button will be disabled.

To resolve the error: 

  • Select at least one Jira status and one Productboard status to be able to save the rule.

school Productboard Academy Quick Tip Video

Learn how you can link your Jira issue status to your Productboard feature status. This allows your engineering and product teams to work more closely. Bonus: how this configuration impacts roadmap/objective progress bars!

For more information on setting up the Jira status sync, see the article Integrate with Jira.

For more quick tip videos and on-demand webinars, check out Productboard's Academy.

Note: Additional Academy content is available to trial users and paid customers only.
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