Integrate with HubSpot CRM via Zapier

If your sales and marketing teams use HubSpot CRM but need to send feedback from demos and contracts to the product team, zap it to Productboard using Zapier!

Try our ready-made HubSpot to Productboard zap

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HubSpot CRM

The basic idea behind this zap is to create a custom text field ("property") for each Hubspot CRM contact where your colleagues can keep track of their unmet needs or feature requests.

The field will be sent into Productboard as a new note and will automatically be kept up-to-date.

Add a new property to contacts in HubSpot:

  1. Under Contacts, click Customize > Edit properties.
  2.  In Property settings, create a custom property.

If you name the property something like "Feature requests", sales will know to log requests here. Once colleagues make an addition to the field associated with the Feature requests property, that information, along with the contact's name and email, will zap into Productboard as a new note in the Insights board!

Creating the Zapier trigger

In Zapier, set the trigger to New Contact Property Change.

Creating the action

Once you've set a trigger, you're ready to specify the action to take place in Productboard. Typically this is to a Create new note.

You can pull in the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Tags


Creating your flow

There are plenty of properties already available in HubSpot CRM, but creating a new custom property allows you to reserve it for requests to be sent to Productboard!

Required fields for Productboard notes:

  • Owner
  • Processed/unprocessed status

View in Productboard

Got your zap all set up? Here's what you'll see on Productboard's Insights board.


Give it a try and shoot your feedback to us via Zendesk!

Troubleshooting Zapier with HubSpot CRM

If the user receives a 422 error from Productboard, as you can see in the following image.


And when you click the blue button, it shows the following image.


This is because the user has not filled the Note Owner field correctly. The Note Owner must have a valid ID in Productboard, otherwise, our app will return an error 422.


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