Integrate with Evernote via Zapier

Aneta Ziegenfuss
Written by Aneta Ziegenfuss

Import research & feedback from Evernote using Zapier

If you're looking to automatically import new notes and research from Evernote to Productboard you can use the Zapier integration to forward notes seamlessly.

We've created a ready-made Zap for you to set up your integration in a few minutes.


Set up the Zap



Customize your Zap:

It's up to you how the fields should be populated, but here are a few tips:

  • In Productboard, notes must have owners. You can chose notes from Evernote to be assigned to a specific Productboard user (you)
  • Tagging notes Evernote (or something similar) means that later, you'll be able to quickly identify those notes sent to Productboard from Zapier, and make sure they're fully filled in and processed.
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