Integrate with Drift via Zapier

Aneta Ziegenfuss
Written by Aneta Ziegenfuss

Drift has revolutionized conversational marketing, but what do you do with all those insights you're gathering from prospects and customers?

Rather than leave them collecting dust in Drift, use Zapier to send them over to Productboard where they can be analyzed, linked to related ideas, and prioritized!

Try our ready-made Drift to Productboard Zap!


Depending on your workflow there are a number of triggers available for Drift in Zapier, but we recommend Conversation Closed.


Note: This trigger requires you or a colleague to Close or Close + Leave a conversation in Drift.image__4_.png


Once you've set a trigger, you're ready to specify the action to take place in Productboard. Typically this is Create new note.

You can pull in the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Tags
  • Conversation URL
  • Summary*

*Summary pulls the full context of the conversation from both sides: Agent (Drift user) and Customer into Productboard when a conversation is closed in Drift.


Required fields for Productboard notes:

  • Owner
  • Processed/unprocessed status

View in Productboard

Got your zap all set up? Here's what you'll see on Productboard's Insights board.

Test this Drift + Productboard zap and give us your thoughts.

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