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Isabel White
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The Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot is an in-app widget you can use to serve up documentation, onboarding materials, or collect feature requests.

By default, feedback is sent to a repository in Gainsight. Now you can also send it to your Productboard Insights board so it can be linked to related feature ideas.



Setting up the integration

Workspace admins and editors can retrieve your workspace's special email for use with the Gainsight integration:

  1. In the main navigation at left, using the accounts menu, select Integrations.
  2. Scroll down and select Gainsight PX.
  3. Take the unique address provided and enter it into the Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot settings under Email Forwarding. This is where you'll be routing feature requests.


Gainsight PX Knowledge Center Bot settings:




On Productboard's Insights board, you'll be able to filter by note source to easily find all notes submitted from Gainsight.



However, if you'd like to apply additional tags to all notes arriving from Gainsight, you can specify those in Productboard's Gainsight integration settings (pictured above).


Current limitations

This integration does not currently support a one-time import of all historic feedback collected in Gainsight. However, you can export feedback from Gainsight PX via CSV and then import it into Productboard's Insights board.


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