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Ever wish you could share an update with all the users who requested a feature in the past? That’s what Portal card updates are designed to help you do.

Post one or more timestamped updates to each Portal card to keep users informed about a feature’s progress, recruit participants for user research or a feature beta, or to delight users with good news when a feature they requested goes live.


Updates will be visible to all users who visit a Portal card as well as colleagues in your productboard workspace. They can also be emailed to all who requested a feature on the Portal, as well as anyone who has submitted an insight that was linked to the feature.

Updates can help you share good news, validate ideas, and collect more feedback. But ultimately, they show customers that you’re listening. And that means they’ll be even more willing to provide quality insights in the future.

Example Portal card updates

Updates can be short and sweet, celebrating progress.


Or updates can be more detailed and seek additional feedback — even participation in a survey, user research, or a feature beta.


Compose an update

On any card posted to a Portal, select Compose update.

  • You can save the message as a draft and return to it later. 
  • Any maker can see this draft, edit it, and post it. 

Heads up! 

  • Updates can be edited or deleted once set live, but please be aware that when you edit or delete a portal card, there will be discrepancies between the content in your emails and the content on your Portal - which can be confusing for customers.
  • When a card has been posted to multiple Portals, updates will appear on all instances of the card across all Portals it has been posted to.


Notifying users by email


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Optionally, you can decide whether to email an update to users who requested the feature.

Updates can be sent to all users who voted for a feature on the Portal, or to all these users as well as anyone who provided an insight that was linked to the feature.


You can email yourself a preview of the update before you post it.

Navigating from the email back to the Portal

If the card you are sending the update about has been added to a Portal with sharing settings of Private link or Public, users will be able to navigate back to the relevant Portal card for more information.

Note: The private link sharing option allows anyone with the link to access it.

This option will not be available for cards on Portals with sharing settings of Hidden or Company

Note: This option is not possible if you have notified users with insights linked to the feature but who didn't vote on the portal — in these cases, it's expected that users will only get the information on the update to the feature without a Portal link.

Replying to the email (not supported)

It is not yet possible to reply to email updates.

If you’re sending an update in order to research an idea, get more feedback, recruit users for solution testing or a beta, include a link to a form or survey.

Not using the Portal with customers yet?

If you're not using the Portal yet, or a feature you want to update users about has not been added to a Portal, you have two options:

  • Export the email addresses of all users who requested the feature. More info
  • Add the features to a Portal (even if you leave the Portal sharing settings to Hidden or Company, so it will remain inaccessible to users).

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