What is Productboard?

Productboard is a customer-centric product management platform.

Customer-centric product management is hard. With traditional tools, product managers struggle to keep track of user feedback, commit to a solution too early without conducting real discovery, and spend all day fielding questions about what they're releasing next and why. With Productboard, product teams understand what users really need, prioritize what to build based on clear goals, and rally everyone in their organization around shared roadmaps.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

Collect stakeholder feedback with insights boards and portals

Insights boards help you consolidate all your user feedback, feature requests, research notes, and sales opportunities into one centralized database, where you can then link them directly to related feature ideas. Identify urgent or popular ideas, see relevant context and comments in one place, and center user needs at the heart of your product strategy.

Consolidating feedback

Highlight useful snippets of feedback from your notes and link them to feature ideas in a process we call creating insights. It's easy to add notes from anywhere:

Processing notes

We're big fans of the "Inbox zero" philosophy—and that applies to your Productboard Insights board, too! Once you finish mining a note for insights, mark the note as Processed so everyone knows it's been looked at.

Building Customer Importance Scores

Every time you link feedback to a feature idea and assign it a certain level of importance, you contribute to that feature idea's Customer Importance Score. A high Customer Importance Score indicates a feature that your customers really want—or desperately need.

Note: Customer Importance Score used to be known as User Impact Score, and still appears as such on older board types. The two are functionally identical.

Collecting feedback is a team sport

Your best sources of user feedback are often your colleagues on customer-facing teams, like Sales and Customer Success. Adding colleagues as contributors allows them to create new notes without giving them edit access over your features or roadmaps. You can also create feedback forms for them to fill out, ensuring you're collecting the kind of information you need. 

Setting up your first portal

Portals are interactive interfaces you can share with colleagues and customers to collect votes and feedback on ideas you're still considering and features that are planned. You can also use portals to share what's currently in beta or what's recently been launched—an effective way to keep customers informed and boost new feature adoption.

Prioritize your work against your business needs

Productboard's prioritization tools help you decide what to build next. Gather all your ideas into one place, surface the most promising ideas, and plan your upcoming releases.


Product hierarchy

All of your ideas live in a single flexible hierarchy. Think of your hierarchy like a filing cabinet—one you can sort, filter, search, and rearrange easily. Add features (and subfeatures) to your hierarchy, then create different boards to see your features displayed in useful ways.

Feature prioritization

Figure out what to build next by answering two critical questions: What do my users need most? And what will help sustain and grow our business?

Productboard offers many different ways to support your team's prioritization process:

Once you've created all these useful fields, don't overwhelm yourself by displaying everything at once! Create multiple boards to focus on the information that matters most for each step in your workflow.

Delivery planning

Once you and your team have figured out which ideas to build next, track them all the way through to launch—no matter what tools your team uses to manage delivery.

Visualize your plans with roadmaps

Rally everyone around where the product is headed with dynamically updating roadmaps.

Roadmaps are interactive visualizations of your plans that you can share with colleagues and stakeholders. Changes you make elsewhere in Productboard are automatically updated on your roadmaps—and vice versa!


Roadmaps for all audiences

Whether you're building roadmaps for the folks upstairs, a hundred clamoring salespeople, or your friends in engineering, Productboard roadmaps can be configured to match the level of detail expected by any audience. 

  • Keep things high-level with release-based column roadmaps or get granular with timelines. Or fiddle with the settings and build something in-between!
  • Surface important data onto your roadmap items, like how popular an idea is with your customers or who to go to with questions.
  • Control who sees what by managing board access permissions so your colleagues aren't distracted by roadmaps that weren't built for them. 

Manage your team and workspace

Add your colleagues

Productboard works best when teams inside and outside your Product organization can contribute feedback, stay up-to-date and ask questions about the future of your product. For that reason, we make it easy to restrict how other cross-functional teams and colleagues can use your account using access roles.

  • Most members of the product team will either be makers with admin access or makers.
  • Customer-facing colleagues (e.g. Sales, Support, Customer Success) are usually contributors. They can view Feature boards and Roadmaps that you've explicitly granted them access to, and they can only interact by leaving comments on those specific features.
  • Other colleagues and internal stakeholders are usually viewers. They can only see Roadmaps and features that you've explicitly granted them access to, and they can only interact by leaving comments on those specific features.

Tip: When in doubt, you can feel confident adding new people to your Productboard account as viewers. Unless you grant them access to a roadmap, by default they won't see anything!

Manage account data

Clean up redundant users and companies with our merge feature.

Maintain compliance with GDPR regulations by removing certain customer data.

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