Building and tracking key results

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Key results enable product teams to drive toward common, measurable goals. They streamline quarterly and annual planning by attaching easy-to-track metrics to objectives that make it easy for leaders to monitor progress.

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Creating key results

  1. Navigate to or set up a new Grid board.

  2. Under Select main item type, choose Objectives. Then toggle on Key results.

  3. Hover over an objective and click the PlusCircle-1.svg Add under button, then select Key result. Type in a name for your KR and press Enter/Return on your keyboard to finalize it.


You can also click on an objective to manage its existing key results and create new ones from the detail sidebar. 

Tracking key results

  1. Click on a key result to access its description, owner, and other pertinent details.

  2. Adjust the start, target, and current values of key results based on ongoing performance.

  3. Modify the status of key results to indicate completion or issues that require attention.

  4. Communicate key result updates with relevant stakeholders.


  • Establish a Clear Planning Cadence. Define a regular schedule for OKR (Objectives and Key Results) planning and tracking, such as annually for the business and quarterly for departments and teams.
  • Maintain Focus. Limit each team to a maximum of three objectives, each with one to three associated key results to ensure clarity and focus.
  • Regular Updates. Encourage teams to frequently update and report on the progress of key results to foster accountability and transparency.

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