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Consolidate user research & feedback stored in spreadsheets (or solutions like CRMs or survey tools that support CSV export) by importing them to your Insights board as new notes. From there you can spot trends and link user insights to related feature ideas.

When uploading your spreadsheet, you'll need to use certain Productboard-supported headers to help us understand your data.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

Import notes

1. On the Insights board, select Import notes.


2. The importer includes CSV and Excel templates that will help Productboard read your data. Download the sample CSV or Excel template and paste the supported Productboard headers into the correct columns of your own data. Alternatively, treat the sample file as a template and paste your data into it beneath the correct column.

When you're ready, save your spreadsheet, then drag and drop it into the center of the importer page or browse for it using the Browse link.

The importer will allow you to review the notes you're about to import. If you're happy with them, click Import X notes to complete the import process. 


Data fields explained

When importing your user research/feedback as new notes, only the note_text field is required, but any additional data imported now will make Productboard more powerful for your team and save you time later. For example, importing the domains of your customer companies will allow Productboard to automatically display their logos. And importing customer emails will allow your colleagues to delight them with notifications when their requested features go live.


  • Title of the note
  • e.g. Phone call with Elon


  • User input contained within the note
  • ⚠️ The only required data field when importing notes.
  • e.g. I would send your product to Mars as an example of a great human achievement.


  • Name of the user who provided this input 
  • Displayed in a note's user/company field
  • e.g. Aaron Samuels


  • Email of the user who provided this input
  • This will help you notify users when a feature they've requested goes live.
  • e.g.


  • Name of the company that provided this input
  • Displayed in a note's user/company field
  • e.g. Apple


  • Website domain (e.g. for auto-displaying company logo
  • ⭐️ Allows Productboard to automatically display logos for these companies.
  • e.g.


  • Tags to categorize notes on Insights board
  • e.g. love,ui


  • Email of the colleague who collected the feedback
  • ⚠️ Must be a member of your Productboard workspace with contributor, editor, or admin role.
  • Your colleague will be assigned ownership over this note and will receive notifications for all subsequent updates.
  • e.g.

3. Save your spreadsheet in one of the following formats.

  • CSV (UTF-8 encoded)
  • XLSX

4. Import your file.

Auto-import new notes from a spreadsheet on an ongoing basis

If you've got an existing Google sheet your team uses to track incoming feedback or survey results, you can use Zapier to send every new row into Productboard as a new note. This is best when you're looking to create new notes on an ongoing basis, rather than perform a one-time import.

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