How to delete a board in your Productboard workspace

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Deleting a board is irreversible, so it's crucial to understand the process.  This guide will walk you through deleting a board on your Productboard workspace. 

Important: Admins can delete any board, while owners of shared and personal boards can delete only those boards.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

How to delete a board

A board can be deleted from its ••• More actions menu. You can access this menu from the top right corner of the board or by hovering over the board in the main menu.

You'll receive a warning when you attempt to delete a board, reminding you that board deletion is permanent and cannot be undone. Confirm your intent and the board will immediately disappear. 

The implications of board deletion

A board is just a set of tools and filters that help you look at your data in a certain way.

Deleting a board has no effect on the data which is displayed on that board. Your features, drivers, objectives, releases, and so on will remain safe and untouched, and can be viewed on any other board where they appear.

However, any set filters, sharing options, and configurations which modified the way you looked at that data on that board will be deleted along with the board itself. Generally, if you accidentally delete a board, you can rebuild it in a matter of minutes by creating a new board and setting all its options to match what you remember from the old one. 

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