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Product-specific fields

If you manage multiple products out of the same Productboard workspace, chances are that certain fields used for feature prioritization don’t relate to every product. To ensure each teammate can focus on the fields most relevant to them, makers can associate fields with specific products.

Fields that can be associated with specific products:

  • Release groups
  • Drivers
  • Custom fields (including text, number, dropdown, workspace member)
  • Prioritization scores
  • Tasks (including those for Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, and Github integrations)


Once a field has been associated with one or more products, it will only appear in the details side pane for features within those products. (And features within other products won't be cluttered with irrelevant fields.)

And when you open field configurations, you’ll only see the fields associated with the products currently filtered onto your view.


Managing association between field and product

Makers can associate fields with products from field details or product details.

Field detail

For a given field (e.g. a particular driver), you can associate it with one or more products.


Product detail

You can associate certain fields with a product in product details.

Note: Only makers with admin access can associate development tool integrations (Jira, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Github). This can also be done from integration settings.


Disassociating fields and products

Disassociating a field from a product may hide data, but won’t delete it. (e.g. The driver scores for features within a Product A that is no longer associated with Driver B will no longer be visible. But they may be accessed by re-associating Product A and Driver B.)


Associating fields when creating a new field

When a new field is created, it will automatically be associated with all products visible on your board. You can then update these associations from the product/field detail side pane.

Associating fields when creating a new product

When creating a new product, you can decide which fields to associate with it.


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