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Diana Stegall
Written by Diana Stegall

In this guide, we'll answer common security questions about our Productboard <> Salesforce integration. For general FAQ, see Salesforce Integration - FAQ.

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What controls are in place to keep Productboard from receiving or accessing out-of-scope data?

The Salesforce integration uses OAuth authentication with Salesforce. The integration will only download Accounts data. We use the Salesforce Bulk API 2.0 to retrieve the Accounts-level data to Productboard.


How does data move between Productboard & Salesforce?

This is a one-way integration. Data only flows from Salesforce to Productboard.


How is customer data protected in the Salesforce integration?

Data imported from Salesforce is stored and protected the same way as any other customer data in Productboard: using secured and limited access to databases, having multi-tenancy queries to limit a query to a particular space, and by maintaining our SOC2 compliance.


How and where are Salesforce access tokens and refresh tokens stored?

We store access and refresh tokens in our database.

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