Configuring multiple Jira integrations

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You may wish to create multiple integrations between Jira and Productboard, whether you're linking multiple Jira projects to Productboard, or you're linking the same Jira project to Productboard multiple times.

Note: Starter and Essentials plan customers have access to 1 Jira integration. Pro plan customers have access to 5 Jira integrations. Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plan customers have access to unlimited Jira integrations.


Here are three common circumstances when teams may decide to configure multiple Jira integrations:

Your team uses multiple release groups

Relevant to both new and legacy boards

One Jira integration syncs to one release group, meaning the releases contained within your Productboard release group will sync with your Jira versions. If, for example, one team releases on a sprint cadence while another team releases on a quarterly cadence, you could create multiple Jira integrations to sync your quarterly release group to your quarterly Jira fix version and your sprint release group to your sprint Jira fix version.

You want to auto-import Jira issues into multiple sections of your hierarchy

One Jira integration auto-imports to one section of your hierarchy. If, for example, you wanted to import Jira issues with a "BUG FIX" status to one section of your hierarchy and other Jira issues with a "BACKLOG" status to another section of your hierarchy, you should create multiple integrations.

Your teams each have their own Jira project

Don't step on one another's toes! Create multiple Jira integrations to correspond with multiple Jira projects. For more information, see Integrate with multiple Jira projects.

Note: For multiple Jira integrations, you do not need to set up another application link if connecting to the same Jira instance. Just click "Authorize" at the bottom of the integration set up page.

For information on Authorizing a second Jira integration, see Setting up your Jira integration. 

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