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After setting up the Productboard and Jira integration, a maker admin will have access to manage the integration. They can rename, reauthorize, disable or remove the integration from your Productboard workspace.

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Disabling a Jira integration

When you disable the integration, the integration including synching and automatic imports will stop working. You can disable a Jira integration at any time by toggling off the integration. 

To disable a Jira integration: 

  1. Click on the workspace name, and select Integrations (Integration.svg)
  2. Scroll to Jira, and toggle off the integration.

To reactivate it, toggle the integration back on.

Renaming a Jira integration

You may wish to rename a Jira integration, especially if your team is using multiple Jira integrations. (49).gif

To rename a Jira integration: 

  1. Click on the workspace name, and select Integrations (Integration.svg)
  2. Scroll to Jira, and click on the integration you want to rename.
  3. Scroll to the Name section and enter the new name in the text field. 
  4. Click Update.

Changing the Jira integration name in the Settings page will change the integration's name in the task column.

Note: This will not apply if the integration has already been manually renamed in the task column view.

Re-authorizing a Jira integration

If the user who authorized the integration changed their credentials, you can reauthorize the integrations.

To re-authorize, follow these steps:

  1. Click Manage close to the Jira workspace.
  2. Choose which group you want to re-authorize, then click Re-authorize.
  3. Then, you need to choose which user you'd like to re-authorize as: (50).gif

Note: To re-authorize a Jira integration without any impact on the integration functionality, a user must be a Productboard admin with Global Permissions in the relevant Jira project.

If the user who authorized the integration is no longer working at your company and you need to swap out the Jira administrator and re-authorize the integration, follow these steps: 

In Integrations > Jira> [Your Jira integration], scroll down to the Workspace connection section. You should see a confirmation message displayed, along with the name of the Jira administrator who originally authorized the integration:

  1. Click the Re-authorize button. 
  2. Confirm the integration you would like to re-authorize, and click Continue.
  3. Select the authorization from the list or use different Jira credentials.

Deleting an authorization

If you want to delete existing authorizations, follow these steps:

  1. Click Manage close to the workspace URL:


  2. Choose the authorization you want to delete, and click Remove this authorization:
    Note: Only authorizations that have no integrations added to it can be removed. Authorizations with integrations added can be disabled by toggling them off. 

    Should the owner of your Integrations change, contact us to reset your integration permissions.


Deleting a Jira integration

Note: Deleting a Jira integration cannot be undone and will remove all the related integration settings and unlink all the features previously linked to Jira issues.

If you want to delete a Jira integration:

  1. Click on the name of the integration
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Remove integration.
  3. Confirm the removal by typing in the integration name and clicking Remove.

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