Define roles of workspace members

When you invite colleagues to your workspace as new members, you'll use roles to define what they can see and do. 

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Editor roles

  • Maker with admin access: Full edit rights on all boards, plus the ability to manage members, integrations, settings, and billing. Often referred to as 'admins' for short.
  • Maker: Full edit rights on all boards. 

Admins can always update roles from the Members page. Doing this may change how much you pay for Productboard, but only if you're on a paid plan. Don't worry—we'll notify you if so.

For more information on editor roles, see the article Getting started as a maker and maker admin in Productboard.

Collaborator roles

When in doubt, you can feel confident inviting new people into your Productboard workspace as viewers. You'll always be able to control what they can and cannot see in Productboard, and they won't be able to interact except to leave comments on features.

Permissions break-down

  Admin Maker Contributor Viewer
Set up and manage integrations
Manage subscription and billing information
Invite team members and manage roles
Delete workspace and all data
Create/edit/delete features and notes
Owner of Features
Customize Feature statuses
Create and tag new notes
Assign ownership of notes they own or create
Create new Portals
Update Portal settings
Create & edit Portal cards
Compose updates on Portal cards
Create & edit Roadmaps
Update Roadmap settings
Create Teamspaces
View roadmaps that have been shared with them

Review portals, if shared with the team or shared via public/private link


Note: The private link sharing option allows anyone with the link to access it.

Granting access to a specific board

Every board has three access options:

  • Keep it private 🔒
  • Share with individual users that you choose
  • Grant access to a type of user based on their role

This means you could have an array of roadmaps for different types of audiences:

  • A mobile roadmap that is accessible to users on the team "Mobile."
  • A roadmap that you've shared with Alice, Jeremy, and Inez.
  • A simplified roadmap that is shared with all contributors and viewers.

Portal users

End users contributing insights and feature ideas via portals do not need a full Productboard account.

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