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Once the Jira integration is enabled, maker admins and makers can push features and subfeatures into Jira. You can push a Productboard feature into Jira as new by clicking Push as New or linking a Productboard feature to an existing issue in Jira.

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Push features from Productboard into Jira

Maker admins can push a feature into Jira in its details side pane:


Maker admins can also display a special Jira task column on your boards:


The Jira task column allows you to easily push many features into Jira:


At the moment you push a feature into Jira, you can decide its issue type. You can push a Productboard feature as new by clicking Push as New or link a Productboard feature to an existing issue in Jira. This can always be updated later in Jira.


Features in Productboard are typically pushed to Jira as epics.

  • Sometimes, you may have small yet essential ideas represented as features in Productboard. These can be pushed to Jira as stories, bugs, tasks, or other custom issue types.
  • Even after pushing a feature to Jira, you can always update its issue type in Jira.

Once features are pushed, whether from the details pane or task column, you'll see the issue's status displayed (and issue ID on hover). Select this to navigate to the issue in Jira. (You can use the Productboard URL field on issues to navigate back to features in Productboard.)


Push subfeatures from Productboard into Jira

  • Subfeatures can be pushed to Jira in the same way as features.
  • Subfeatures are typically pushed to Jira as Stories, but they can also be pushed as Bugs, Tasks, Sub-tasks, or other custom issue types.
  • Maker and admins need to push subfeatures individually. For example, if you push a feature, the subfeatures won't be pushed automatically.
  • If a maker admin pushes the feature as an Epic, the connected subfeatures you push will automatically be linked to the Epic in JIRA.
  • Even after pushing a subfeature to Jira, maker admins can change it to a feature at any stage. You can also update its issue type in Jira. You can also update its issue type in Jira as long as the Jira hierarchy rules are followed (E.g. Epic → Story → Sub-task). If the hierarchy is not followed, the parent-child relation is not created, and sub-tasks is pushed as a separate item.
  • If you would like to push sub-features as sub-task, make sure the parent feature is pushed as Story or Task (sub-task can’t be a child of Epic).
  • If you would like to push sub-features as sub-tasks, make sure the parent feature is pushed into Jira as Story or Tasks. (In Jira, sub-tasks can’t be a child of Epic).
Note: We won’t keep the parent-child relationship if the Jira hierarchy is not followed. for example, if you push the Feature as Story and would like to push the Sub-feature as Task, we will allow you to do so, but won’t keep parent-child relationship, thus Story and Task won’t be connected to each other. 

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Which features can I push into Jira?

Features beneath any given component can only be pushed to a single project. As soon as one feature has been pushed into a given project, all sibling features under the same component must be pushed into the same project.

If I push a feature to Jira that includes an attachment, what happens to the attachment?

When pushing features to Jira that include attachments, the attachments will not sync in Jira, but if an image is pasted into the Productboard feature description, that image will be pushed to Jira.

Is it possible to push a Productboard component to an epic in Jira?

It is no longer possible to push components to Jira. 

Components are useful for organizing feature ideas in Productboard (e.g. around user need, product area, or technical component) but do not represent ideas that are to be executed. We recommend using features for that.

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