Troubleshooting performance issues

This article provides guidance on what to do when you're experiencing poor loading speed or errors when trying to access parts of Productboard.

It also provides helpful tips on what information you need to provide to our support team should you need to contact them. 

In this article:

Performing basic troubleshooting

To troubleshoot performance issues, you need to isolate the possible causes one by one to help you get to the root. Below you can find some basic troubleshooting steps you can follow as soon as you start to experience performance issues:

    1. First, make sure Productboard is not experiencing an outage. You can check the health of our platform on the Status page. You can also subscribe to updates on the page, so you'll receive a notification every time your Productboard workspace is affected.

    2. Then, make sure your browser is up to date, and you're using one of the supported browsers

    3. Check the speed of your internet connection. The test result should be at least 20 Mbps for optimal performance.

    4. Clear the cache and cookies of your browser.

    5. If you're still experiencing problems, try to restart your machine.

Getting to the root of the issue

If the steps above didn't help, you need to narrow down the scope of the issue. You can provide this information to the support team to provide better guidance on how to resolve the problem.

    1. Who is experiencing the issue? - Are you the only person experiencing the issue? Or the whole team or organization?

    2. Where are you experiencing the issue? - If multiple team members are experiencing the same issue, are they working from the same location or the same network?

    3. When did the issue start? - Do you remember when you first experience the issue? Is it an ongoing issue or intermittent?

Checking your local environment

The next step is to rule out that a local configuration causes the issue.

  1. Check if you can reproduce the issue in an Incognito window of your browser of choice.

  2. If you don't experience any issues with an Incognito window, browser extensions are likely the issue. Remove the extensions one by one and verify which one of them - if any - is causing the problem.
    Note: Pay special attention to AdBlockers. We recommend using Productboard on a browser without any AdBlockers, so if you have any, please disable them and try again!
  3. If you still have the issue in Incognito or with the browser extensions disabled, check if your browser supports WebSockets. Run this test to find out.

    The correct result should look like the example below. If you don't see the same, reach out to your IT team for help. Pay specific attention to port 433 and its WebSockets support.


Contacting our support team

If any of the above points aren't resolving your issue, please record your Network and Performance tab while experiencing the performance issues.
Send the recording to our support team at and let them know you followed the steps in this article.

If you need help recording the activity in your Network and Performance tab, reach out to our support team.

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