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Your hierarchy is the backbone of your Productboard workspace. Features live in your hierarchy and represent ideas you can plan, prioritize, and complete. Adding features to your hierarchy should be one of the first things you do when setting up Productboard for the first time, so here's how to do that. 


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Create a feature and define important fields

You can create features from almost any board type, but here's the most straightforward way:

  1. Navigate to the Products board in your main menu.
  2. You'll see a list of your existing hierarchy entities. Hover over a product or component and click the PlusCircle-1.svg Add under button, then select Add feature from the dropdown.
  3. Give the feature a name and press Enter/Return on your keyboard to create another feature or click away to stop creating new features. 

Other ways to add features

You don't have to build all your features manually. If you have a backlog outside of Productboard, you can probably import it. Here are a few different methods:

Viewing a feature's details

Clicking on a feature anywhere in Productboard opens up the detail sidebar, which displays data about that feature. This sidebar contains a few tabs that show you different things. 


If you scroll down the Detail tab, you can find Fields, Comments, and History.

  • In the Fields section, you can see and edit all the data fields that are related to this feature. 
  • Use the Comments section to write messages, @-mention other users, and add reactions for quick feedback to your colleagues.
  • Under History, you can find a log of all the activities that took place in that feature.


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