Owning entities in Productboard

The owner of an entity is the maker who is primarily responsible for it. There can only be one owner of any given entity. By default, entities are owned by the maker who created them.

Roles: Only makers can own entities or assign ownership.

Entities that have an owner:

Notes Products
Features Components
Subfeatures Objectives

Depending on the entity owned, you can leverage the below functionality:

  • Any owned entity - Gets notified whenever there are new comments on the entity
  • You can filter Notes, Products, Components, Features, and Sub-features by owner - Filter the Insights board by, "Owned by" and filter the Features and Roadmap board by "Owner"
  • Notes: In the case where a contributor creates a note, such notes remain unassigned(without an owner) until a maker assigns themselves owner, or assigns another maker the owner.


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