Integrating with Jira next-gen project

Jira next-gen projects are a new Jira project type. They’re more streamlined than traditional Jira projects, which can be a good thing. And when it comes to setting up integrations with these projects, they work largely the same way. But there are some limitations, and we'll outline those below.

Note: If you're setting up a new integration, just make sure you have Jira administrator global permissions as well as admin permissions to the next-gen project in question.

Extra steps required

Relevant to both new and legacy boards

Since Jira next-gen does not support some of the global settings traditional projects support, integrating with them can require a few extra steps.

Custom field mapping

In the Jira next-gen projects, custom fields are defined per issue type. If you want to map a custom field between Productboard and Jira, ensure it is added to all issue types associated with Productboard features.

Linking back to Productboard

When features are pushed to next-gen projects, Productboard can still auto-generate a link back to the associated Productboard feature, but since Jira next-gen doesn't support global custom fields, you’ll need to create a custom Productboard URL text field for each Jira next-gen project, and for each issue type within each project.


Due to changes in Jira's next-gen API, there are some integration limitations:

  • Epic/Story relationship: For next-gen projects, Productboard is not able to automatically associate stories with their parent epics (and vice versa) when pushing from Productboard. You'll need to set up these associations manually in Jira.
  • If you select “let me choose Jira project at the time of push” rather than selecting a specific next-gen project to push all features to, Productboard won’t be able to map task status color to the associated Jira next-gen statuses.

Future enhancements

The Atlassian team is actively improving Jira's next-gen project capabilities, which might affect this integration. Our team will try our best to keep up with the changes and provide users with a great experience.

You can follow the Jira next-gen team’s roadmap. And if you wish you could provide feedback directly on those ideas, tweet at them to get a Productboard Portal. ;)

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