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In this article, we will provide guidance on how you can connect Productboard to your Jira server. To learn more about the Jira integration, what it can do, and how you can use it, see our article Getting started with Productboard's Jira Integration.

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Connecting to your on-premise Jira server will be dependent on the following conditions at your organization:

  • At a minimum, you must have Jira Server version 7.0. This feature is available on the Enterprise plan. For more information, contact
  • Internal security measures, i.e., does your organization allow whitelisted connections from the internet to your Jira server?
  • Infrastructure, i.e., is it possible for your organization to build/configure a proxy server to allow two-way traffic between Productboard and Jira?

With these conditions in mind, below are the two methods our customers use to begin the connection process.

Connecting directly to Productboard

You can integrate with Productboard by whitelisting the following static IP addresses on your firewall with port 443:


The method by which this is done will depend on your infrastructure and the service your Jira Server is hosted on, so reach out to the team responsible for managing your Jira Server to begin this process.

Connecting indirectly to Productboard

If your Jira Server cannot connect directly to the internet, then you must indirectly connect to Productboard. A reverse proxy is a common method that our customers will use to accomplish this.

Using a reverse proxy

Cloudflare explains a reverse proxy as a “server that sits in front of web servers and forwards client (e.g. web browser) requests to those web servers.” So in our scenario, the reverse proxy would forward the requests from Productboard to your Jira Server:


For the integration to function, the proxy must allow communication in both directions. The reason is the integration will send requests from Productboard → Jira to create Jira issues and update issue fields. Requests from Jira → Productboard are sent to provide URL links, update feature fields, and import Jira issues.

To begin building the proxy, it's best to reach out to the team responsible for managing your Jira server. The typical job title of the persona responsible for building a reverse proxy includes:

  • Head of Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Network / System Administrator
  • Network / Systems Engineer


To behind troubleshooting any errors during the integration process, check out the Troubleshooting Jira article. If further support is needed, reach out to Since every Jira Server setup is unique, the extent that we can assist you is by providing error logs (if any) to your technical teams.

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