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Experience the power of centralized collaboration with teamspace hubs in Productboard! Hubs are designed to help teams collaborate and manage their workspaces by providing a home page for each teamspace and folder.

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What are hubs?

Each teamspace and folder now has its own dedicated page with a unique URL, simplifying access to all boards and folders within it. You can now use hubs to write short descriptions for each teamspace or folder, giving other users more context about the boards and data within. Moreover, admins can access settings and create new boards and folders from within a hub.

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How hubs work

When you select a teamspace or folder, you'll be directed to its home page displaying all its associated boards and folders. This enables members to:

  • Explore a teamspace without joining it, gaining insights into other teams' work for a more cohesive work environment.
  • Share folders via links, similar to sharing a drive, enhancing collaboration across different teams.

Making the most of hubs

  • Onboarding simplified: Lead your new team members to a central hub where they can view all relevant boards, ensuring a smooth transition into the team.
  • Cross-team visibility: Explore workspaces across teams without joining them, providing context and understanding of company-wide projects.
  • Effortless sharing: Promote resource accessibility by sharing links to entire folders full of boards.
  • Efficient navigation: Breadcrumbs have been introduced for seamless navigation through the system's hierarchy. You can easily track your current location and access respective pages for each item in the path.
  • Direct access: Navigate to a teamspace hub directly from the All teamspaces page by clicking on an individual teamspace card.

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