How can I integrate Productboard with Jira without syncing sensitive data?


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When integrating Productboard with Jira, you might be cautious about the different types of data and information syncing between the two platforms. If you want to restrict sensitive data from being synced during the integration, follow the below solution: 

Configuring JIRA Project Access:

The list of Jira projects that are accessible in Productboard is dependent on the permissions of the person (or account) authenticating the integration.

Configuration suggestion:

Set up a Service Account that only has access to the "safe" Jira project(s) that you want accessible from Productboard. Users in Productboard will then only be able to push Features and/or Sub-Features to projects that have been authorized.

Field Mapping:

The Productboard and Jira integration allows us to choose which fields to map between the two platforms and whether it’s a 1-time sync or 2-way sync. For more information, see the article Mapping fields between Jira and Productboard

Configuration suggestion 1:

Set up as a 1-time sync, so you create the issue types in Jira, with no data transfer back to Productboard if there are changes in Jira (or customize which fields can pass information back to Productboard.)

Configuration suggestion 2:

A JQL can be added in Jira so that Jira admins can control which fields can interact with Productboard, providing Jira admins complete control over the data integration. (Psst...need help writing a JQL query? Here's a cheat sheet.)

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