Exporting features into a CSV using the Features Board CSV export and API

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Makers can export the features and raw data of your Features Board into a CSV or use this handy API endpoint to export all your features and subfeatures in seconds. This is useful if you want to migrate your data from one Workspace to another due to a company acquisition or if you want to report on your data outside of Productboard.

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Exporting features using the Features Board CSV export

You can export the features and raw data of your Features Board into a CSV by clicking on the Dots-1.svg  at the top right of the Features Board and then clicking on Export CSV. This will start downloading the CSV file of the filtered features and selected columns. This is great if you only want to export the features in the filtered view on your features board. 


You can export the below boards:

  • Features Board Sorted List
  • Features Board by Status
  • Features Board by Release
Note: The release columns will not be exported by default. You have to manually add them to the view first.

All Features within a Features Board by Release will be exported. Also, Features within a collapsed Release Group. You have to manually filter out the unwanted Releases.

Tip: As a view owner, you can prevent other users from making changes to your view by enabling the Lock this view option under the Share button (see image below). This will prevent anyone except the owner of the board from saving changes. Anyone will still be able to add columns, filter out items such as releases, and export the CSV file. For more information, see Locking boards on the Feature and Roadmap board to prevent editing.



  • It’s not possible to export Features Board by Hierarchy
  • It’s only possible to export the enabled columns in a view. To export all the data, you have to use the Features Export API

Exporting all features (plus subfeatures and components) using API

You can export your features, subfeatures, components, and all data fields associated with each feature shared with you using our API endpoint. This is great for exporting all the data needed, not just the filtered exported data, when using the features board export button. 

To export all of your features using API:

  1. Make sure you're signed in to your Productboard workspace.
  2. Paste this URL into your browser:
    Note: To locate your workspace name, see the article How can I find my workspace name?
  3. Insert your workspace name into the URL. (When logged into Productboard, this will be at the beginning of the URL, before "productboard.com".)
  4. Press enter.

Exporting data fields

When you export features, associated data fields (segments, releases, drivers, tasks, misc fields, and objectives) are also exported. 

In the case where a data field's sharing settings have been updated to restrict access, it will only be included in the export if it has been shared with you.

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