Columns boards: Customizable column-based roadmaps

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Columns boards help you build roadmaps organized by columns. This allows you to simplify complex relationships between objectives, initiatives, and features and plan them against releases or feature statuses. They're great for Kanban boards!

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Relevant to new boards only

Creating a new columns board

    1. Hover on a teamspace or folder in the main menu and click the + Create a new board or folder button which appears next to it. Select Columns from the menu.

  1. Choose the main item type of your roadmap. Your options here may differ by plan. Select:

    • Objectives for high-level strategic planning.
    • Initiatives to connect tactical execution to high-level strategy.
    • Features for tactical planning.
    • Releases to plan horizons or milestones.
  2. Select a column type. You can choose from several different item types, including custom fields. 

  3. Any items that match your selections and filters will be automatically populated on the board.

  4. You can rename your board at any time by clicking on the board’s name at the top of the screen or by clicking ••• More actions and selecting the Rename option.

Adding and adjusting items

You can add new main items by hovering over an empty section of the board and clicking + Click to add item. From the menu that appears, you can create a brand new item.

Click the ••• More actions button on any main item and select Add to add new or pre-existing underlying items. 

Note: If a newly-added item doesn’t match your board’s filters, it will immediately disappear and you’ll see an alert pop up with options.

Changing the main item type and showing underlying items

You can change the main item type of your columns board from the Items menu. You can also switch the toggle under Show more items to include that item type as an underlying item on this board. In both cases, the column type will remain unchanged. 


Applying filters and swimlanes

Use filters and swimlanes to make sure your roadmaps are structured appropriately for their audiences. 


Each board has its own filters, which you can set from the Filter button in the header. See Advanced filters on New boards to learn more about how these filters work.


Group your data into swimlanes by clicking Groupby.svg Group by. You can also use the nested swimlane option to group by two attributes.

See Organize your New roadmaps (timelines and columns boards) with swimlanes for details. 

Searching for items on a columns board

  1. Click on the search bar to activate the search.
  2. Type your search input.
  3. Select your search result and you will be taken to the result’s location on the board.

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