Share your roadmap by exporting to PNG and PDF

You can export the Roadmap board to share it with stakeholders who aren't members of your productboard workspace.



  1. Make sure your roadmap is saved. You won't be able to share, print or export a roadmap with unsaved changes.
  2. Click Share to configure your roadmap sharing settings.
  3. Click Print to print your roadmap.
  4. Click Export to image to generate a PNG of your roadmap.

Export roadmap as image

Export as Image will export your current roadmap to a one-page PNG file. The file download will start immediately and might take a few seconds based on the amount of data you will have on your roadmap.


If you're exporting a Features timeline, Releases timeline, or Objective timeline roadmap, you'll be asked to select a timeframe to export. Our timeline roadmaps have an infinite timeline - that would be a lot of wasted paper!

Note: Your exported image will include the date when it was exported in the footer so anyone viewing can tell how recent the roadmap export is.
Limitations: Export as image is not yet possible on the Microsoft Edge browser.

Print roadmap or export to PDF

Export your roadmap as a PDF by changing the Destination to Save as PDF.

Check Background graphics to properly display graphics like Initiative headers on your roadmap:


Other settings may be fine-tuned to best suit the layout of your roadmap. (see below)

Page layout

Update the page layout, paper size, and scale settings to ensure your roadmap fits onto the PDF horizontally. (If the roadmap exceeds the height of the page, it will continue on beneath the page break. If the roadmap exceeds the width of the page, it will be truncated.)

Change the page layout

To ensure your roadmap is not truncated horizontally, change the page layout from Portrait to Landscape.

Increase the paper size

Increase the Paper size to increase the amount of information that will fit on every page.

A0 is the largest paper size.

A6 is the smallest paper size.


Modify scale

If you're planning on printing your roadmap and don't have access to larger paper sizes, you can also modify the scale of your roadmap. Decrease the scale (zoom out) to show more of your roadmap in the same amount of space.

Embed in a Powerpoint

You can import PDFs into Powerpoints as objects, where they can be opened from within a presentation.

Note: Current technologies don't support exporting emojis. 😑 We regret to inform you that all emojis will need to be re-drawn by hand after roadmap printing.
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