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Note: Insights auto-linking is part of the Productboard AI add-on.

Productboard AI can automatically link feedback from your insights board to feature ideas in your product hierarchy, saving you time you’d otherwise spend manually processing feedback and ensuring every piece of feedback you collect is more easily taken into account for prioritization.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

How to activate auto-linking

Prerequisites: You must be an admin and your workspace must have the Productboard AI add-on enabled before you can set up auto-linking.

  1. Open the workspace dropdown in the top left corner.
  2. Go to the Productboard AI page.
  3. Click Setup linking.
  4. Review the default configuration and adjust it if needed.
  5. Click Save & enable.

Configuration options

We know that every organization has different ways of working. You can configure auto-linking functionality to fit your workflow and needs. There are 2 main configurations:

  1. Note sources: You can select which note source types you’d like to include for insights auto-linking. You can decide to exclude certain note types if you decide that a manual review is always required. Please note that notes coming from Salesforce are not supported.
  2. Notes to include: During the initial setup, you can decide if you want to include only new notes for insights auto-linking or include historical notes as well.
  3. Importance: You can select the default importance that will be assigned to all insights that are linked by AI. This isn’t permanent; you can always override an individual insight’s importance. If you want to handle assigning importance manually, you should select Not known as the default value.
  4. Note processing: To maintain workspace hygiene, makers usually mark notes as Processed once they analyze the customer feedback and link it to the product hierarchy. By default, notes are not processed after they are auto-linked. This allows you to have more control and get comfortable with the auto-linking mechanism in the beginning. After that, you enable the auto-processing.
  5. Items included in auto-linking scope: You can select the parts of your product hierarchy you want auto-linking to be applied to. This setting gives you control over the scope of the functionality. We suggest excluding parts of your hierarchy that you don’t need to create insights e.g. some subfeatures potentially or certain products that are use for internal processes.
Note: All AI generated insights can be reverted when disabling insights auto-linking.

Tips for working with auto-linking enabled

  • Use your whole hierarchy for insights. Notes can be auto-linked to all levels of your hierarchy (products, components, features, and subfeatures) based on your configuration in the settings. Higher-level items are good for storing problem-area insights, while lower-level items are better for solution-area insights. A single note may be linked to multiple items (eg. two features in different parts of your product hierarchy).
  • Give your features precise names. Productboard AI analyzes the content of your unprocessed notes and the details of your hierarchy items to find the best matches, but it’s your feature names that will have the biggest impact on correct matching, so the more specific language you use, the more accurate auto-linking becomes.
  • Auto-linking will not create new features. Notes that do not match any existing item in the hierarchy are simply not linked to anything. This represents a new signal from stakeholders and we recommend a human be in charge of deciding whether and where to create a new hierarchy item.
  • Auto-linked insights have the “Linked by AI” label. When you open a note’s details or a feature’s insights tab, you can see which insights were created by AI. This helps you keep an eye on what’s happening behind the scenes and potentially correct AI insights if needed.
  • Let the AI do its job. Insights auto-linking is executed every three hours. If you have automatic triage rules in place, you might be assigned as the owner of a new note and receive a notification before auto-linking has a chance to get to it. Resist the urge to analyze the note yourself right away (the robot gets sad if it can’t work).
  • Use insights digests to stay on top of pertinent feedback. Productboard sends you a personalized insights digest on a weekly basis with updates on features you own to help you focus on what matters. If you aren’t getting one, go to your workspace dropdown > My account to enable it.

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Known limitations

  • It may take up to 3 hours to complete the initial analysis of all your existing notes after you save and enable insights auto-linking for the first time, but you’ll be able to see individual auto-linked insights in your workspace as soon as they’re processed.
  • Notes imported from the Salesforce integration, portal card votes, and notes that are less than 100 characters long are excluded from insights auto-linking.

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