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Jumpstart your feature specs using AI that draws upon customer feedback linked to your feature ideas. Productboard AI helps you draft and refine common elements such as problem statements, or summarize pain points and identify common themes from user insights – giving you more time back to focus on high-value work.

Note: This AI capability is available as part of the Productboard AI suite for customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans. For more information, see Productboard AI — make what matters, even faster.

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Relevant to both new and legacy boards

What can you draft with Productboard AI?

A new AI-writing experience for your product documents is now available in Productboard.

Leverage learnings from customer insights

Increase your productivity and quickly draft product requirement documents based on your collected customer feedback. You can use five powerful contextual AI prompts:

  1. Ask AI about insights - ask custom questions related to your insights.
  2. Summarize customer problem - briefly describe the main problem your customers are facing.
  3. Synthesize themes - synthesize the most common themes.
  4. Describe outcome - outline the desired outcome that your customers mentioned.
  5. Extract customer pain points - receive a bullet-pointed list of the key problem areas.

Productboard AI generates content based on the text of linked insights, both manually created and AI generated (learn how AI insights can be generated here). To ensure high-quality AI-generated results, features must have more than three linked insights, and the quality of generated results depends on the quality of your linked insights. Learn more about how to link customer feedback to your feature ideas in the hierarchy.

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Refine existing content

Improve the writing of your product documents directly in Productboard with AI. Use one of the seven predefined prompts to Summarize, Simplify the language, Make shorter, Make longer, Fix grammar and spelling, Improve writing, or Find action items for a piece of content you select within your document. With the versatile Ask AI prompt, you can also ask any question in relation to a specific section in your document.

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Ask anything

Leverage the power of AI while you’re drafting your product documents by asking it questions like "Which metrics should I use to measure success?", "How do I prioritize things for my roadmap?", or even "What's our competitor doing?" You have an AI-powered writing companion at your fingertips.

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How to use Productboard AI

  1. Open a product, component, feature, or subfeature.
  2. Select an existing piece of text in the entity's description or directly click on the AI icon.
  3. Select a predefined Prompt or Ask AI. Once Productboard AI starts generating a response, you can stop it by pressing the Esc button.
  4. Review the result and insert or discard it.

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