How to enable Slack notifications for feature followers

Many of our customers are heavily invested in Slack and prefer to get any important
notifications on Slack rather than email. When "@" mentioning a contributor or maker on a feature, the notification will always come through as an email.
Our Slack integration provides feature updates that are posted on a specific channel. However, this integration posts all updates related to all features, which is often an information overload for customers.

This article provides customers with steps to have all their "@" mention notifications pushed from
email to a direct message on Slack so that they get the updates that matter most to the features they are following. 

Note: These steps will need to be repeated for each Slack user that wants to utilize this feature.

Setting up feature follower slack notifications

Relevant to both new and legacy boards

  1. Login to Slack.
  2.  Go to Apps and click the icon. 
  3. Search for "email", and select the Email app.
  4. In the app page, click Add (if you already have this integration used for other purposes, click Configuration).
  5. On the Email app page,click the button “Add to Slack”.
  6. Under the configuration, select where you want emails to be posted to. You can choose to send it to you as a direct message by searching for and selecting your name.
  7. Click Add Email Integration.
  8. Under Integration Settings, you will be given an email address auto-generated for this
    specific configuration. Copy this email address, then at the bottom of this page, click Save Integration.
    Note: You will also get a copy of this email address directly sent to your email.
  9. Next, we will need to set up some filter rules so that any time a new email is sent to you
    with specific criteria, it auto-forwards the email to the email address provided by this
    Note: The next steps will vary depending on your email client.
  10. In Gmail, go to the Settings (Settings-1.svg) and click See All Settings.
  11. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP, then click Add a Forwarding Address and input the email address previously captured during the setup of the Slack integration.
  12. In Slack, you will get a notification, expand this and click on the confirmation code so that this forwarding address can be used.
  13. Once the forwarding steps are complete, go to Filters and Blocked Addresses, then at the bottom click Create a New Filter.
  14. Input in the Subject “You've been mentioned in a feature discussion”, then click Create Filter.
  15. Check the box Forward it to: and select the forwarding address you set up, then select Create Filter to finalize the process.
    Note: If you want this feature to be extended to note @ mentions, you can follow the same steps, but instead of using the subject line for the filter, use the From address Please note this may include other types of email notifications beyond note and feature @ mentions.

Moving forward all email notifications from @ mentions will come directly to your user in Slack, and will look like the below message when expanded:

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