Re-link insights from one feature to another

Move insights from one component, feature, or subfeature to another

As new insights are linked to ideas on the Feature board, it often becomes clear that the insights linked to a given component, feature, or subfeature actually represent several distinct needs.

Other times, you might find that, when releasing a new feature, some of the linked insights represent needs that won't be addressed until future iterations.

In cases like these it's helpful to quickly re-link many insights from one entity to another – either moving the insights, or copying them to an additional entity.

Bulk re-link insights

  1. If you'd like to move insights to a brand new component, feature, or subfeature, start by creating that new entity on your Features board.
  2. From the existing feature's details pane, under Insights, multi-select the insights you'd like to move.
  3. Use the Move option to move the selected insights to a different feature
  4. Select the entity you'd like to move these insights to.

Now, you can also easily bulk unlink insights from a feature by multi-selecting the insights you’d like to unlink and then using the Unlink option.

image (49).png

Looking to merge two redundant features or subfeatures and automatically combine all insights under one feature? See Merge Features.

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