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Aditi Shirodkar
Written by Aditi Shirodkar


If a colleague leaves your company, can you ensure they'll no longer have access to your roadmap and other sensitive product information? By enforcing Google Apps SSO you can.

Once this setting has been enabled by a workspace admin, workspace members will only be able to access your Productboard workspace using their Google accounts. That way, if their Google account is disabled, they'll no longer be able to access your Productboard workspace. This also means you'll be able to take advantage of 2FA and other features offered by Google for enhanced security.


Enable Google Apps SSO Enforcement

  • Enforce Google Apps SSO is now available on the Scale Plan and above.
  • Admins must be logged in to their accounts via Google SSO in order to enable this setting.
  • When Enforce Google Apps SSO is switched on, all workspace members will be logged out and will be prompted to sign in using their Google Accounts

Current limitations

If a member's Google account has been disabled, they will no longer be able to access your Productboard workspace, but they will continue to be considered a Productboard member until disabled in Team Management. Depending on their role, this could impact pricing.


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