Grid boards: Planning and prioritization management

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Grids are boards that excel at prioritization. They're similar to a spreadsheet in that you'll be working with rows and columns of data, but grids are specifically designed to help you visualize and manage the connections between your objectives, initiatives, and features so that you can prioritize your work according to your strategic plans.

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Relevant to new boards only

Creating a new grid

  1. Click on the + plus button on the left panel next to a Teamspace or your Personal space or a Folder.
  2. Select the Grid menu item and give a title to your new board.
  3. Select the main item type (Objectives, Initiatives or Features) that you want to see on your new board.
  4. You can also select other item types to visualize under the main item type by clicking on the item picker and selecting Show more items.

Configuring a grid

Once you have chosen the items you would like to interact with you may now apply additional configuration to the Grid. This includes adding filters, the column selection and sorting.

Adding filters

Add filters to reduce the set of results in the board. Filtering may be applied on each of the items in the board, as well on the fields associated with them.

See Advanced filters on New boards for details. 

Selecting columns

  1. Click the Add columns button in the board header to open the column sidebar, where you can choose from Default fields or other types of elements.
  2. Select an element type and switch the toggles beside any element you wish to display as a column. You can also search for a specific element using the Search field at the top of the sidebar.
  3. Click the circle in the column’s cell to associate that row's item with that element.image (12).png
  4. To change the order of the columns, hover on the top of the column and click and drag the dots that appear.
    image (14).png


  1. Click the ••• More actions button beneath a numerical column's header to access sorting options.
  2. You can apply an ascending or descending sort. 

Sorting is applied on each level of the items in the board. In the below example, you can see that Initiatives are sorted by Impact first and then each of their features are sorted by Impact.

Adding items to a grid

There are two ways to add items to a grid, depending on whether you're adding a main item or an underlying item. 

Main items

Click the + Create button at the bottom of the list to create a new main item inline.image (15).png

Note: If a newly-added item doesn’t match your board’s filters, it will immediately disappear and you’ll see an alert pop up with options.


Underlying items

Hover on a main item and click + Add item to assign new or existing underlying items.image (16).png


Searching items on a grid

  1. Click on the search bar to activate the search.image (1).gif
  2. Type your search input.image (17).png
  3. Select your search result and you will be taken to the result’s location on the Grid.image (2).gif

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