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Rather than jumping to different boards within a shared workspace, access your most important information from one place: the main menu. See notifications, a search function, and streamlined access to your Insights, Portal, and Reporting sections.

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Collaborate better in a shared workspace with teamspaces

Teamspaces are groups of boards and folders related by theme. Each team can have its own space to manage boards and data. Everyone has easy access to all the information that’s relevant to their work, and can customize the Productboard main menu sidebar to reflect their role and priorities.

  • Organize teamspaces by team, department, focus area, or however your organization is structured, and move roadmaps and product information into relevant teamspaces to serve the needs of your product teams and stakeholders. 
  • Dedicate teamspaces for specific stakeholders or cross-functional teams, such as marketing or customer support, and group relevant boards further in each teamspace with folders for easy navigation.
  • Neatly organize product information relevant to your team. Admins can use teamspaces and folders to create a nested hierarchy of boards to fit the needs of their team. Individual teams will no longer be overwhelmed and confused by the sheer number of boards.
  • Curate your main menu by only joining teamspaces that are relevant to you, and hiding the ones that aren't.
  • Favorite your frequently used boards for quick access.
  • Browse all teamspaces to stay on top of what's happening in your product organization. All boards are neatly organized around teams, making it easy to find relevant information.

For more information about teamspaces, see Getting started with Productboard teamspaces.


Rapidly retrieve what you need with quick find

Quick find ensures you can search for and jump immediately to any board and find what you need.


Favorite your frequently used boards

The Favorites section is a convenient way to access boards that you frequently use. You can add any boards to your favorites by clicking the 🌟 star button in the header at the top of the board, or from the ••• More actions menu when hovering over the board in the navigation panel on the left. Once you have added a board to your favorites, it will appear in your Favorites section for easy access.  This feature can save you valuable time and improve your workflow by allowing you to quickly access important boards without searching for them every time.


Manage your private boards in your own Personal section

The Personal section gives you a place to draft your boards before sharing them with a broader audience. Just like in a teamspace, you can create any of the available board types and organize them here using folders. Nobody can join your personal section, but you can always share your personal boards with other members before moving them to a teamspace.


Control product data from a centralized data management section

This section gives you quick access to all your data entities directly in the main menu and independent of your boards. You can view, edit, and create new items in any data category from here. 


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