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To help you during your onboarding or when troubleshooting issues, you can allow Productboard to access your workspace for a specific amount of time. Allowing Productboard to access your workspace does not affect your pricing or your available Maker seats.


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Determining when to grant access to your workspace

You may want to allow Productboard access to your workspace when you’re facing an issue that is too complex to be understood without directly seeing what you are seeing.

If you are currently onboarding to Productboard, it may be handy to allow Productboard access to your workspace so that our Customer Success teams can proactively help you set up your space.

Some common examples include:

  1. You are new to Productboard, and you need help from customer success to set up your space.
  2. Highly technical issues that need to be escalated through multiple levels of support.
  3. Replication of your issue cannot be reproduced anywhere else.

Granting access to your account

By default, Productboard does not have access to your workspace. Only Admin Makers can allow access to your workspace.

Duration of access can be granted to Productboard for a specific time ranging from 1 hour up to 90 days, depending on the situation you need help with. You can extend the given period, or you can remove the access at any time.

Once access is granted, the Productboard representative can log in as a specific user in your space, regardless of their role. This won't impact your ability to work in your space.


Steps to grant Productboard access to your workspace

  1. Make sure you are a Maker+admin.
  2. Click on your workspace menu on the top left of the screen and go to Settings (Settings-1.svg).
  3. Scroll down to the setting Allow access to your space for remote support.
  4. Use the Duration drop-down menu to choose how long Productboard will have access to your workspace.
  5. Press Allow access.
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