How does the Effort Field work?

Jerome Lijertwood
Written by Jerome Lijertwood

The Effort Field's story point scale

The effort field in productboard is designed to be flexible, so accepts any numerical value. However, the auto-suggested values that appear when you select the field are on the story point scale (similar to Fibonacci).


If you'd prefer to define your own scale, or non-numerical scale (t-shirt sizes), you can do so by creating a new custom dropdown field.

Where you can use custom effort fields

Both the native effort field and custom effort fields can be used in the following ways:

  • Displayed as columns on the Features board
  • Can be accessed in a feature's details (side pane)
  • Can be displayed on the Prioritization matrix
  • Can be synced with a Jira story points field (custom fields must be numerical, not dropdown)

Where you can only use the native effort field

Only the native effort field can be used in the following ways:

  • As the dividend in calculating prioritization scores (value/effort)
  • As the dividend in calculating objective scores (value/effort)
  • On features displayed on the Roadmap
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