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Isabel White
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If you use Trello to track feature development, you’ll find it handy to integrate your Trello instance with Productboard. Your engineering team can continue managing their development pipeline in Trello while product managers enjoy the flexibility of Productboard for understanding user needs, prioritizing what to build next, and rallying everyone around the roadmap.


Summary of benefits

  • Push Productboard features or subfeatures into Trello (as cards) and monitor their Trello status from Productboard.
  • Navigate from a Trello card back to its associated feature in Productboard via auto-generated links.
  • Configure multiple Trello integrations to push different features to different Trello boards/instances, or the same feature to multiple Trello boards/instances.

Set up the Trello integration

  1. In Productboard, in the lower left, click Profile > Integrations
  2. Click Add new Trello integration.
  3. Click Set up integration.
  4. Authorize access to Trello and close the pop-up.
  5. Choose the target Trello board and list where you want to create new Trello cards from Productboard.
  6. Click Enable.

Configure the Trello integration

  1. Choose the Trello board and list where Productboard features will be pushed.
  2. Customize the color of the status values in Productboard's Trello task column –each mapped to a column in Trello.

Push features into Trello as cards

  1. On the Features board, on the column configurations bar (at right), select tasks.
  2. Toggle on these special Trello task column and the whole task column group if it isn't already displayed.
  3. On your board, find the feature you'd like to push to Trello and click Push in the Trello task column. (Or find this same button in the feature's details side pane.)

Note: Pushing a Productboard subfeature into Trello creates a new card just as it would for a feature. All features and subfeatures must be pushed individually.


Removing the Integration

You can always deactivate the integration or simply delete the task column. Note that every card in Trello will have a link back to Productboard in the description and you can also click on the Trello task column in Productboard to open up the associated card in Trello.


Current limitations

  • 2-way sync of fields like name & description is not yet supported.
  • It is not possible to import Trello cards into Productboard or sync existing features to existing cards. If you previously used Trello to capture feature ideas, you can export them to CSV (if you're on a Trello Business account) and then import them to the Features board using the Paste List of Features tool.
  • Entities like tags, comments, and attachments that have been applied to features in Productboard are not pushed to Trello.
  • Should the Owner of your Integrations change, contact us to reset your Integration permissions on our end with the new owner.
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