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At Productboard, we value the feedback of our customers and consider it an important part of our process. That's why we offer early access for some features in development so that you can try out the feature in advance and give us feedback or report issues. There are also occasionally other opportunities to give feedback on features while they are being developed.  

In addition to participating in betas, you might want to check Productboard's Portal to see ideas under consideration, features that are currently planned, and review what's been launched.

Current programs:

Custom roles


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You can now create new maker roles and define how they interact with Productboard to fit your organizational structure and internal processes.

Custom roles are variations of the maker role. You can give custom roles their own names and remove certain capabilities from them. The ability to restrict the following capabilities is in scope during the beta:

  • Restrict the creation of certain data fields
  • Restrict editing of certain data fields
  • Restrict deletion of certain data fields

The following data fields are in scope:

  • Release groups - includes releases
  • Drivers & scores
  • Tasks
  • Tags
  • Custom fields

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Teamspace types and member access levels


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Note: These features are part of the strategic boards beta. If you're part of that, you have these.  

Teamspace types give you more control over the content within your Productboard workspace. There are three different teamspace types (open, closed, and private) that let you decide who can see and request to join a given teamspace. 

Also included are member access levels, which let you adjust whether individual makers in a teamspace are able to edit or only view that teamspace's boards. 

For this beta, only next-gen boards (see below) are compatible with teamspace types and access levels.

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Strategic boards and initiatives


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This program offers a sneak peek at our upcoming product enhancements, including two next-gen boards designed to improve performance, unlock strategic capabilities, and empower product teams like yours. Here's what you can expect.

Improved performance and functionality:

  • Faster loading: Experience smoother navigation and quicker response times.
  • Flexible filtering: Refine your view with granular filters for more focused analysis.
  • Enhanced search and grouping: Find what you need instantly with advanced search and intuitive grouping options.
  • And more! We're constantly adding new features to make your workflow even more efficient.

New strategic boards:

  • Timeline roadmap: Visualize and prioritize upcoming objectives, initiatives, and features across your portfolio with a clear timeline view.
  • Grid board: Organize objectives, initiatives, and features into a customizable grid for strategic planning and collaboration.

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Objectives hierarchy


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Note: This feature is part of the strategic boards beta. If you're part of that, you have this. If you participated in the previous objectives board beta, you will be migrated to this new program.

Nesting objectives within a structured hierarchy allows product teams to connect company strategic objectives to each individual product team's objectives, ensuring their efforts directly align with the company's strategic goals.

Product and company leaders also gain valuable insights. They can easily see how the combined efforts of individual teams contribute to achieving the broader business goals. This fosters transparency and accountability and keeps everyone working toward the same vision.

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