Productboard BETA releases

At Productboard, we value the feedback of our customers and consider it an important part of our process. That's why we offer early access for some features in development so that you can try out the feature in advance and give us feedback or report issues. There are also occasionally other opportunities to give feedback on features while they are being developed.  

In addition to participating in betas, you might want to check Productboard's Portal to see ideas under consideration, features that are currently planned, and review what's been launched.

Current BETAs:

Productboard AI helps product teams supercharge daily tasks through AI

Pricing: Scale and Enterprise

Bring the power of AI to your product team with Productboard AI. This is the first piece of Productboard AI that will help product teams boost their productivity. Productboard AI gives you access to AI-driven functionalities directly in Productboard, helping your team save time, better understand customer feedback, and increase efficiency in daily tasks.
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Tracking company objectives on the Objectives and Initiatives Board

Pricing plan: Enterprise

The Objectives and Initiatives Board is ideal for aligning your product organization around your strategy. Define, communicate, and track your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Link your Objectives to Features and visualize them over time on your Roadmaps.

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