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Tags offer easy, flexible ways to categorize, sort, and filter certain sets of notes (e.g. User-Research-Jan-2018) and help product managers find the notes most relevant to them (e.g. Product area A).

Here are a few popular ways to use tags:

  • [<product>] – tag by product or product area to help get the right feedback to the right people for processing.
  • love ❤️ — save positive feedback and compliments from users that product managers and marketers can return to later when looking for customer references & testimonials
  • performance 🛠 — track performance complaints to help PMs, architects, and engineers identify sluggish areas of the product
  • pricing 💰 — identify areas of confusion; log feedback that indicates pricing is too high/low
  • churn-alert 🚨 — track feedback from customers who are struggling with the product to help customer success plan interventions and inform product prioritization
  • loss-analysis 🙈 — track feedback from prospects who decided not to become customers to inform prioritization and product marketing decisions
  • [competitor-name] 🏆 — track users’ comments on other products in your space to inform competitive research and product positioning

Especially in larger teams, tags can help you dissect your entire product offering into distinct product areas. Each product area can then be owned by a maker, who is in charge of processing related notes as well as the subject matter expert of product-related questions from internal teams, customers, and roadmaps.

To learn more about tags, check out the article How do tags work in Productboard?

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